Meet Winnect

Our story and the team behind our game

Our story

We’re a mobile game company based in Warsaw, Poland. While Winnect was officially established in 2022, most of our team have been working together for years.

From the very beginning, we wanted to create games that help our players work on their wellbeing. We believe that entertaining and fun experiences can encourage them to make better and healthier choices.

Our first app, Fitale, which we created at the beginning of 2022 is already incentivizing thousands of players to get more active and enjoy physical activity.

It does so without the weight of unrealistic expectations or the need to invest in costly equipment or gym memberships, instead giving them positive motivation and instant gratification.

Winnect and Fitale was already recognized by the Webit Foundation in 2022, which selected us as one of the top 60 among more than 2,000 startups.

Meet the team

Maciej Dzierżek
Damian Biskup
Product Manager
Iga Stachowicz
Growth manager
Matylda Zaorska
Art Director/UI
Patryk Przybysławski
Błażej Biernacik
Development Lead

Our founders

Winnect is co-founded and funded by Innovatika Venture Builder.

Winnect is also supported by three business angels.

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