Feb 20, 2023

Fitale app takes motivation beyond calorie and step counting

Fitale offers a new look on maintaining motivation to be active. Without unrealistic expectations and overreliance.

Providing motivation to be active has been a hot topic on the fitness app market for a few years now. Yet, bringing a long-term, meaningful change to the life of users still proves to be a challenge for most players. Most fitness trackers tend to overly rely on trusted, but unexciting statistics such as calorie count and classical streak meters. 

Fitale is here to change it. Fitale is based on fun, where your steps are not converted to calories or streak days, but to progress in an interactive game. We are building a world that is constantly expanding with new areas to explore and discover through physical activity.  Our game gives users what is increasingly missing in the world of fitness, which is the fun and enjoyment of overcoming one's small barriers.

Behind Fitale’s gameplay

Fitale is an accessible casual health game that encourages a healthy lifestyle through engaging and fun gameplay. In Fitale users’ steps become the driving force of the game. They are exchanged for fuel that propels the protagonist - a robot during his quest to discover the universe. As the robot travels from planet to planet, he motivates the user to supply him with more steps. 

With every new planet discovered, the user receives coins, new helpful items or trivia. Users can also invite their friends to join them in conquering space, set step pledges and get rewarded for visiting the app regularly.

Fitale users took over 332 million steps in 2022

In 2022, Fitale users collectively took 332 879 166 steps. This roughly equals the number of steps one would need to travel around the world 17 times on foot. Or in true Fitale spirit, ¾ number of steps one would need to walk to the Moon from Earth!

According to the data analyzed by the app, users who downloaded FItale also gradually increased their step count over the weeks succeeding the date of their first contact with the app. In 2023 Fitale’s team aims to look closer at the step patterns of app’s users and research what triggered the increase. We also aim to establish how our app can further help our users to be more active in their everyday life.

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